Shmoopi Anti-Piracy

Shmoopi Anti-Piracy is a collection of static libraries and enterprise security frameworks that incorporate seamlessly into your iOS applications to detect and protect against piracy, reverse engineering, and content manipulation. The libraries were designed from the ground up to identify illegitimate users and prevent automated scripts from decrypting and debugging your applications.

Shmoopi Anti-Piracy uses hashing, anti-debugging, and encryption algorithms to detect, prevent, and defeat iOS pirates attempting to automate the cracking process and can stop even the most skilled hackers.  Our innovative methods make it nearly impossible for any current automated cracking tool to decrypt and crack your applications, and can add countless hours to most attackers attempting to debug and successfully manipulate your code.

  • Anti-Debugging
  • Encryption Checks
  • Code Obfuscation
  • Runtime Code Integrity Validation
  • Dynamic Memory Verification
  • Binary Manipulation Checks
  • Content Revision Checks
  • Hashing and Bundle Identification Mechanisms
  • Anti-Tampering

These libraries intend to make that as difficult as possible, and as least invasive to the legitimate user as possible.  The Shmoopi Anti-Piracy Paid Library contains the most powerful encryption and detection mechanisms available on the market, while simplifying user experience and implementation.

Shmoopi Anti-Piracy comes with a license agreement, demo application, license keys, documentation, library files, and a full implementation guide.




  • Trial License

  • Free Limited
    • Limited license
    • 1 application
    • Distribute binary products only
    • Non-Commerial use
    • Requires Attribution
  • Download
  • Enterprise License

  • $99 Limited
    • Perpetual license
    • 5 applications
    • Distribute binary products only
    • Commercial use
    • 3 months support
  • Purchase
  • Commercial License

  • $299 Unlimited
    • Perpetual license
    • Unlimited projects
    • Distribute code and binary
    • Commercial use
    • 6 months support
  • Purchase


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The libraries are incredibly easy to add to any iOS project, and require only four steps:

  1. Drag and drop the library folder/s
  2. Add the Security framework
  3. Add the piracy/jailbreak checks into your App Delegate/View Controllers
  4. Decide how to handle pirated/jailbroken usage
  5. Build & go!

SDK Support

iOS 5.0 – iOS 8.1



Shmoopi Anti-Piracy comes with all documentation, including:

  1. Installation instructions
  2. Error cases and expected values
  3. Description of classes and methods
  4. Frequently asked questions and answers


We spent countless hours developing and testing this library to bring you the most painless and worry-free experience possible to protect your users and your investments.  If you like what you see here and in the future from Shmoopi LLC, please feel free to write a review of our service in the comments of our blog, and feel free to download the free library to test out our unique solution to piracy.



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